How will your school prepare me for the beauty industry?
CRE8 strives to train our students through one on one, hands-on professional training. We encourage our artists to be well versed in proper techniques, etiquette, professionalism, branding, and business management. We want our students to leave feeling confident in not only themselves but in their work.

Do I receive a certification?
Our Program has a 4 week course with certification and single classes for graduates and continuous learners.

Do you offer financing/payment options and/or FAFSA?
We offer weekly and bi-weekly in-house payment plans. We also accept PayPal financing payment. As well as an outside lender if needed. The government requires courses to be 300 hours or more to accept FAFSA therefore we do not have FAFSA available.

Do you help with job placement after completion?
We do offer assistance with finding a job after course completion although we do not guarantee job placement.

Can I take classes at any age?
Yes, students under 18 years of age require consent from their parental guardian.

How often are classes?
Classes are held once a week for 4 hours.

Can I receive pro discounts?
Yes, will can assist you with your professional discounts at suggested partnered retailers.

Do I need to be certified already?
Although our course is advanced, you do not need to be certified to attend.