Meet The Team


Alexis Friloux


Alexis likes long walks to Sephora and long hours of deciding between tangerine, bright orange, or red orange :) Alexis is a certified makeup artist that has been working in the beauty industry for 5+ years. She specializes in beauty, film, TV, and editorial. Through her years of working as an artist in the industry she found that her passion is the education side of beauty and help placing those of need in the right courses for them. Why CRE8? "I love the passion that the team at CRE8 has!

We want to assure that all of our students not only learn proper makeup and hair techniques but learn the business side of this industry as well! We want to make sure that all of our students leave knowing how to market themselves so they stand out in the crowd. And are confident enough in their work to make them the most sought after artists.

Victoria Hernandez

Director of Student Admissions and Finances

Meet Victoria Hernandez, she's our student's best friend. Victoria has 15 years of experience in Beauty Education. She helps students overcome challenges whether it's enrollment, any special needs and Spanish speaking students. She also loves red matte lipsticks and bronzers! Why CRE8? "I fell in love with what CRE8 is about. It's very unique and it's very different from anywhere I've worked. I appreciate the mission and I see how the students evolve class and how their confident shoots through the roof. It's fulfilling for us as well as them!

Brandy Allen

Director of Education

Brandy Allen is a pro makeup and hair artist working in the industry for over 10 years. She travels the world working as an artist and teaching other artist how to become pros. She has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry from freelance, corporate and entrepreneurial and birthed the CRE8 mission from her constant journey of becoming a notable makeup artist.

She has worked under great names in the industry and constantly travels to learn and bring her experiences to CRE8. Why CRE8? "I was so tired of fighting the uphill battle of searching for the answers to be successful in what I love. I quit makeup countless times on the strength of needing financial stabilitly. I woke up everyday yearning to do makeup because it genuinely wasn't about money, I couldn't see myself doing anything else. Finally when I figured it out, I started creating lessons and content. I've worked with clients I've always dreamed of working with! I wanted to create a blueprint that could help other artist have confidence in this profession and know exactly what their purpose is!"

Tiffany Daugherty

Creative Director Hair Education

TIffany Daugherty known as 'Tiff Does Hair' is a well known hairstylist and is also a curl expert. Tiffany has been working for 20 years in entertainment, red carpet, editorial and TV/Film and more. She works with countless celebrity clients and travels everywhere including international to work projects. Her overall passion is to teach and retire in education. She has taught seminars and is on the national teams for hair product companies.

Tiffany is the brainchild for the name 'CRE8' which originally stood for Confidence, Resilience and Empowerment. Why CRE8? "CRE8 is so special to me because it symbolizes what we are as artists. We are CREATORS, we create images, content, trends, looks, products and more. Our creativity is a plays a vital part in the world largest company's campaigns, images, branding and more. We are so important and its our responsibility at CRE8 to remind artist of that, not only to educate but to build confidence and resilience. We train our students to know their worth and be happy with their careers."

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